Monday, July 8, 2013

Sarah Carr On The Deepening Crisis In Egypt

I've amassed quite a link dump since my last post, but lucky for you there's just one piece of required reading: Sarah Carr's recent article in Mada Masr, "On sheep and infidels" -- a well-reasoned distress call over the tectonic shifts of the past week and what they bode for the future.

No one on the scene is as alert and articulate as Carr. She's a go-to source for coverage that's fiercely independent, morally consistent and rooted in an intimate knowledge of local affairs. Carr was the last voice I quoted before the coup. Her words were premonitory and accurate.

Army fires on pro-Morsi crowds in the early hours. (Aljazeera)

For further reading, here are some of those other links:

On the recent bloodshed; Army kills 51 Mosri supporters:


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