Thursday, July 10, 2014

During The Descent Into Butchery It's Easy To Forget:

How simple the conflict is . . .
Rochelle Gause: If you occupy a people, steal their land, force them into refugee camps, remove all their freedoms, destroy their economy, prevent them from being able to keep their children safe, steal their water, ration their food, their cooking fuel, their electricity. They will resist. This is not rocket science. And when they resist you can not blame them for your decision to massacre them. In their homes, with no where to go. Israel, this will end, Palestine will be free, and if we as Americans are not actively struggling in solidarity, our dollars are speaking for us and we are on the wrong side of history.

How unfair the conflict is . . .
Professor Juan Cole: The supposedly deadly little rockets fired from the Gaza Strip have killed no Israelis, though they have done some property damage. In fact, those rockets have no guidance systems and very seldom hit anything, mostly landing in the desert. 

Nevertheless, Reuters and other agencies (or their headline writers) routinely equate deadly Israeli airstrikes with sophisticated American fighter jets with small dumb rockets, some of them the sort of thing that could be made with an 8th grade chemistry set. And, of course, Palestinian lives are cheap and their 53 dead and (150) wounded don’t count. That no Israelis have been killed is not mentioned because it would interfere with the narrative of violent Palestinians and victimized Israelis (it is mostly the other way around).

How misunderstood the conflict is . . . 
Continued from above: It is therefore no surprise that American media are confused by the actual situation on the ground. There have been over 400 powerful Israeli airstrikes on one of the more densely populated areas on earth, inevitably hitting little children and their mothers, while Hamas’s and Islamic Jihads’ mostly pitiful little rockets (there are a handful of bigger long-range ones) have done relatively little damage.
So here is Diane Sawyer showing footage of the aftermath of an Israeli airstrike on non-combatants, with a devastated Palestinian family, which she misidentifies as an Israeli family. This is not a bug. It is a feature.

Diane Sawyer (ABC) mistakes Gazans for Israelis

How misunderstood the Palestinians are . . .

One of those Palestinians teaching life, Omar, of the Gaza: In The Eyes Of The Beholder blog, writes with great sadness from his home in the besieged strip: 
It also bewilders me how people assume that all Palestinians who live in Gaza are militants, when most of us are actually civilians. Its depressing to try to prove to the world that your life matters and that you are a civilian even though they already cast their judgment on you.

I am holding onto my last threads of humor, which shows in my tweets, but its more like dark humor. Like smiling when you are sad.
After all, we are all trying to survive.

Over 20 children have already lost their lives in the latest round of slaughter:

Al-Shifa hospital in Gaza, Palestine. 

In contrast, on the other side of the aisle under wailing sirens, Israeli parents ponder how to keep their kids entertained and one Israeli wonders if she should lock up her bike before "taking cover." 

Some sit back and enjoy the show, watching the bombardment of Gaza from the southern Israeli town Sderot in what's been dubbed the "Sderot cinema." The British paper, The Independent, writes

Sørensen’s newspaper, the Kristeligt Dagblad, reported that the gathering involved more than 50 people who had transformed the hill into something “most closely resembling the front row of a reality war theatre”.  It said that people were seen taking popcorn up onto the hill with their chairs, and that they sat cheerfully smoking hookahs.

Somewhere else in Israel, one Zionist had the guts to admit he is "cocooned," unlike Gazans who are militarily incapacitated and unable to protect themselves from the torrent of bombs: 

At one point, he interrupted his stream of wisecracks with an acknowledgement that “people in Gaza are dying, some of whom have done nothing wrong. I wanted to take a minute and at least try to be conscious myself of what’s happening: that this is a w-a-r and that there is real suffering, even if I don’t feel it from my little cocoon.

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