Monday, November 30, 2015

Another white terrorist's name burned into the history books

What a fucking disaster.

While women's sexual and reproductive rights are heatedly debated in government and under threat from don't-know-how-the-female-body-works-cuz-I'm-too-dumb-to-be-alive socially conservative lawmakers and religious right, our Planned Parenthoods are getting shot up.

Since 2011, more than 240 laws have been passed in state legislatures that put women’s health at risk. And just days ago, another white man's whacked out anti-abortion agenda took the lives of three innocent people. All three were parents, leaving children behind. 

I am fucking sick of watching this play out. Of watching a basic tenet of any forward thinking, civilized nation get repeatedly kicked in the neck: the idea that women are autonomous beings and that our social, economic and physical health are directly tied to our ability access things like sexual education, cancer screenings, and critical family planning services like contraception and abortion access.

I have ovarian cysts. I won't humor you and tell you that this condition is "painful," when it's horrific. The size of marbles, these little demons are produced monthly by my ovaries. Sometimes they are silent and other times they get an A in evil and send shock waves through my body and knock me unconscious. Birth control is used to treat this condition by regulating the body's hormones.

I have health insurance these days, but in an embattled show of solidarity I will be going to Planned Parenthood to access the care I need. For most of my life Planned Parenthood was all I had and I'll never forget that. Loyal and indebted to this wonderful organization, I am proud to utilize its services and will be sure to write the biggest donation check I can on the way out.

Within the last week domestic terrorists have gunned down Planned Parenthood workers, cops and BLM activists, yet we are expected to believe that Syrian refugees pose the greatest threat to our safety.

Busy counting enemies outside our borders, we miss a host of foes at home who continue to kill us with impunity, like anti-abortion right-wingers who, in attempting to annihilate the other side, transform ordinary trips to a health clinic into something charged, political, urgent, reminding us that the personal is political and that our bodies are battlegrounds.

This is where we are in 2015 in America. And it is not normal. Gun violence, a culture of fear, attacks on a whole society's reproductive health (Planned Parenthood treats men, trans and non-binary people too) is not normal.

"Not normal" may not sound like the most compelling argument or mode of analysis but it is when the ever-present threat of violence against the largest single provider of reproductive health services in the US is so thoroughly normalized.

Please support your local ‪#‎PlannedParenthood‬ in whatever way you can. We can't let the DOMESTIC terrorists win.

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